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  • Permanently removing fine swirls, light scratches, and oxidation from your vehicle's paintwork

  • Choose either a graphene and ceramic coating to protect your car's paint

  • High-quality cutting compounds and polishes to remove your vehicle’s most stubborn paint defects

  • Get a cut and polish from the comfort of your own home or office!

  • Experienced professionals who’ve worked in car detailing industry for many years

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Cut and polish – how we can transform your car’s paintwork

Over time, direct sunlight, dirt, road grime, and other elements can damage your car’s paintwork. This can cause swirl marks, light scratches, etching and other paint defects to appear on your car, compromising its look and value. If left untreated, these paint defects will only worsen, turning your once-gloss paintwork dull and lifeless.

Sidepost’s cut and polish professionals use specialised cutting and polishing compounds to remove these imperfections. Our expert’s carefully remove your car’s extremely fine layer of clear coat to level out the paint surface, before polishing it to a high gloss finish. And as an added measure, we can also apply either a graphene or ceramic coating to your car for added protection and shine.

Why book a cut and polish with Sidepost?

Defects are certainly unflattering, especially on darker coloured cars where scratches and other damage is more visible. But more than just being an eyesore, these paint defects can actually devalue your car.

A good quality cut and polish can remove up to 95% of all paint defects, if not more, giving back your car’s showroom shine. However, it’s important to note that not all cuts and polishes are created equal. The wrong products and techniques can actually do more harm than good to your car’s paintwork.

So why entrust Sidepost with your car? Let’s go through some of the main reasons:

Top-rated car detailing professionals – We only recruit knowledgeable and experienced detailing professionals who know the ins and outs of car paintwork. Whatever car you have, we ensure it gets the TLC it needs.

The right equipment and products – Whether your car’s paint is petroleum or water-based, red or black, regularly waxed or not, we have the right products to get it done. We only use high-quality polishing pads, cutting compounds, and other detailing products to achieve the best results.

Convenient mobile service – Lack the time to drop off your car at a high street’s car detailing shop? With our mobile service, we’ll come to you, saving you the headache. We serve all of Australia’s cities and suburbs – meaning, we’re never too far away.

Competitive cut and polish prices – Don’t overspend on premium cut and polish service that will get you the same results. With us, you get professional quality at prices that won’t break the bank.

100% satisfaction guaranteed – If we’ve failed to remove any car blemishes, simply get in touch and we’ll dispatch another detailing team. Customer satisfaction is a benchmark for us, and we’ll go above and beyond to deliver.

So there you have it! If your vehicle has seen better days, contact Sidepost today and we’ll have it looking as good as new in less than a day. Whether you’re in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane – we’ve got you covered!

Sidepost's cut and polish service includes:

  • A thorough hand wash of your vehicle
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Claying your car’s surface
  • Cutting and polishing
  • Sealant and wax
  • Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed
image image

Sidepost's cut and polish process


Hand washing your car

Before our cut and polish service can begin, we first remove all buildup of dirt, grime , and tree sap from your car’s surface. This ensures that dirt doesn’t contaminate our polishing pads and create more scratches on your paintwork. Our professionals will first wash your car by hand using a biodegradable ph neutral shampoo.


Claying your car's surface

Clay bar treatment works to get rid of all bonded contaminants, such as brake dust, iron, and industrial fallout from your paintwork. Claying goes beyond your standard car wash and ensures we have a smooth surface for the cutting and polishing process.


Cutting compound

Every car is unique, coming in different colours and paint types. Thus, we take care to select the specific cutting compound that will work best for your car. We choose the correct combination of buffing pad and cutting compound to remove all swirl marks, fine scratches, and other paint blemishes.


Cutting and polishing

After the cutting compound has been applied on our buffing pad, we’ll start the machine and begin polishing your car’s surface. The abrasive action of the cutting compound breaks down the paint defects, while the polishing pads smooth out the surface. You will then see an immediate difference in your car’s paintwork, with a renewed level of shine.


Ceramic coating or graphene coating (optional)

Part of our detailing service is paint protection. If you require it, we can apply either a ceramic or graphene coating to your car’s surface. Your paint will then have added protection against UV rays, grime, bird droppings, tree sap and anything else that causes external paint damage.

Read what our customers have to say about our work

Competent auto detailing professionals

"Sidepost removed cement drips and paint overspray from my car's surface without any issue. They were fast and now my car has regained its original shine. Thanks Sidepost!"




They come to you

“Sidepost's mobile detailers travel to you, which gives me the time to do other things. They removed my car's small scratches and added a graphene coating. Now I don't have to worry about my car so much."




Competent cut and polish professionals

"I thought my car's paintwork suffered irreversible damage but Sidepost proved me wrong! Clearly they used the right pads and compounds because my car's scratches and swirls are completely gone. They're a 5 out of 5 cut and polish service for sure!"




An affordable and reliable service

"Sidepost managed to remove all rail dust and marks off my vehicle paint which I could never do alone. It's clear they only use the highest quality cutting compounds because they're extremely efficient."




My car has never looked so shiny

"Thanks to Sidepost, my car resembles those showroom vehicles you always see on TV or in magazines. I'm honestly so impressed with their work and will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a cut and polish."




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