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Why to get a new home inspection?

Your house is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make. A home inspection is an essential step in the build process, helping to identify issues throughout and after the build. This information ensures your builder is adhering to all relevant Australian Standards and compliance whilst also protecting your health, safety and investment.

At Sidepost, we provide professional and accredited building inspectors who will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. They will evaluate your window frames, external doors, roofing, electrical wiring, site drainage, concrete work and more. And if any safety hazards or defects are found, we’ll note down our findings in a detailed report for you.

Home inspections aren’t just for new builds. If you’re planning on selling your home, it’s a good idea to get an inspection done beforehand. You can then make the necessary repairs or renovations so your property is in tip-top shape before putting it on the market.

New home building inspections with Sidepost – reasons to choose us

Our property inspections intend to get your investment property up to scratch, ensuring it complies with the building code of Australia and safety standards. Not only will your property be safe, an inspection can prevent any building disputes with your registered builder. It’s always harder to prove negligence once you’ve moved in.

So why choose Sidepost for your new home inspection?

We’re professional and accredited – All of our home build inspectors are professionally accredited with years of experience in the industry. They’re also completely independent of your builder, so you can be sure you’re getting an honest opinion.

Thorough inspections – We’ll leave no stone unturned during the inspection process, meaning you’ll have a complete overview of your property’s condition.

Detailed reports – You’ll receive information throughout the entire process, and a full report at the end detailing any safety hazards or defects found. By identifying issues before your full build, you can quickly make the adjustments needed to rectify them.

We’re here to help – Communication is a vital part of our service. We’re always available to answer all of your questions, and delve into any technicalities in greater detail if needed. We also provide a list of recommended rectification works and contractors to contact if repairs are needed.

Affordable new home inspections – A home inspection shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag that may deter you from getting one altogether. That’s why we offer competitive rates without skimping on quality.

Easy to read reports – No overcomplicated terms or jargon here. We provide comprehensive but easy to understand reports, helping you make quick, informed decisions about your property.

Online booking service – Do you need to cancel a new home building inspection at the last minute? Clients can book, reschedule or cancel by simply logging into their account on our website. You can also track the progress of your inspection, and view or download your report once it’s ready.

Get in touch today to book your new home inspection, and give yourself the best chance at a safe and sound property investment. Our qualified inspectors aren’t just knowledgeable about building standards, but are experienced in providing great customer service. If something’s on your mind, just ask, and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s included in a home building inspection? - 4 stages

Slab stage

Our new home building inspectors will evaluate your concrete slab for any cracking, shifting or sinking. They will also check all drainage locations match all corresponding slab set-out plans, ensuring there is no risk of flooding. If your concrete slab is compromised i.e showing major cracks or poor craftsmanship, this will be noted in the final report.

Frame stage

The frame of your new home is its structural backbone, and built upon the concrete slab. Our inspectors will check all roofing, trusses, wall framing, windows and doors to ensure they reach an acceptable standard and are in accordance with The National Construction Code.

Lock-up stage

After the roof is installed, Sidepost’s inspectors will survey your home’s exterior and interior. We’ll evaluate all components including brickwork, cladding, weatherproofing and any rendered finishes. All building materials will be checked for defects, such as holes, missing nails, electrical wiring that’s not properly concealed, plumbing and gas. Overall, we need to ensure your home is weather tight and secure.

Pre handover inspection

The final inspection is conducted once your brand new home is completed but before you move in. All fixtures and fittings, such as roof and guttering, shower bases, weep holes, windows, outdoor patio and paved areas will be checked for defects. We’ll go over every house component with a fine-tooth comb to make sure your builder has adhered to all Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

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Other inspection services we offer

  • Pre purchase building inspections
  • Asbestos inspection services
  • Building and pest inspection

Read what our customers have to say about our work

My dream home is finally finished

"Without Sidepost's help, I would have moved into my new home completely unaware of the potential hazards that were present. Their new home inspectors found structural damage in the floors, walls and ceilings that could have led to serious injury. Thank you!"




They gave me the peace of mind I needed

"I always assumed my brand new home was up to scratch and compliant with Australian Standards. This was confirmed by Sidepost, who did a comprehensive new home building inspection. I'm so glad I got in touch with them!"




I was avoided costly mistakes thanks to Sidepost

"During construction of my new home, Sidepost's new home inspectors found numerous issues related to the building work that had been carried out. This allowed me to get the builder to fix the issues before they escalated out of control. Thanks to Sidepost, I've said thousands of dollars in repairs."




Sidepost's new home build inspector is a true professional

"Sidepost's new home inspector was efficient, thorough and pulled no punches on reporting what was what. Turns out my 'dream home' was anything but, and I'm glad I found out before it was too late. Thanks for your help!"



My house builders did a terrible job. Sidepost saved me

"I had no idea that the framing of my house was so poorly done until Sidepost stepped in. Their inspectors detected issues with the frame's stability, which could have led to major problems down the line. With actual proof, I got the framers to come back and do the job properly. Thank you, Sidepost!"




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