Car Interior Cleaning - Drive in a Clean car with Interior Car Detailing

We'll clean your car's interior from top to bottom at your doorstep

  • Extensive experience in cleaning all car interior materials - leather, nylon, polyester, and more

  • Short-notice bookings for when you're in a pinch

  • Top-rated interior car cleaners with proven track records

  • State-of-the-art interior cleaning equipment to tackle the most stubborn stains

  • We come to your home and conduct the interior car detailing service

How it works

Book an interior car detailing in 4 steps


Input your postcode and connect with our interior car cleaners


Select a interior car detailing team and schedule an appointment


We'll pretreat and clean pesky, hard-to-remove stains from your seats, dashboard and other surfaces


Once you're completely satisfied, pay securely through our online platform - no need for cash!

More information of about our interior car cleaning service

Drive in a clean, fresh car with Sidepost’s professional interior car cleaning services. We use deep upholstery shampoo to really soften and agitate the dirt, and steam cleaning to comprehensively remove all stains. Our end goal is to get your car’s interior looking spick and span, targeting your seats, carpets, mats, door panels and much more! 

Furthemore, we’ll adequately disinfect and sanitise your car’s interior, giving that new car smell we all love when first purchasing a vehicle. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a spotless car interior that looks and feels rejuvenated and refreshed.

Check out some other car detailing services we offer and contact us today to get a free quote. Meanwhile, here’s an article on car detailing cost in 2022 which you may find helpful.

Mobile car interior cleaning – why to book with Sidepost

While it’s more common for car owners to focus on their car’s exterior, it’s also important to give some love to the interior. A clean interior is more pleasant to be in and can also help extend the life of your car’s upholstery and other surfaces.

So why book with us? Here are some reasons:

Interior car detailing professionals – Sidepost only recruits and partners with the best interior car cleaners in Australia. Our professionals have extensive experience and are passionate about what they do.

Cleaning all surfaces – Your car’s intricately designed interior comprises different surfaces types, each requiring a specific cleaning method. We’ll thoroughly remove the stains whilst keeping your fabrics in good health.

The latest equipment and products – From commercial vacuum cleaners and pressure washers to our eco-friendly, signature cleaning solutions, we only use the best products and equipment to clean your car’s interior.

Satisfaction guaranteed – Has our interior car detailing failed to deliver? We promise to make it right. Our cleaners will come back and re-clean any areas you’re not happy with, free of charge.

We come to you – You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to get your car cleaned. With Sidepost, we bring the car interior cleaning service right to your home. Simply park in a secure location i.e. your garage or driveway near a power outlet, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Other services we provide

Car wash

Is your car looking a little worse for wear? Our standard car wash services will have it sparkling in no time. We’ll hand wash your vehicle to remove common dirt, grime, and salt before giving it a thorough rinse. Unlike many automatic car washes, all of our cleaning solutions are gentle on your car’s paintwork and won’t strip away any wax or polish.

Exterior car detailing

Our exterior car detailing services are the perfect way to restore your vehicle to its original condition fully. Our team will start by assessing your car’s condition, then gently hand washing it before carefully polishing away any swirl marks or light scratches. We can also offer protection via our signature wax and sealant, helping keep your car’s paint looking newer for longer.

Cut and polish

If your car’s paintwork is looking dull or damaged, a cut and polish service will be able to bring back the shine. Our professionals will assess areas of concern before selecting the appropriate cutting compound and polishing pad. We’ll then use a high-speed rotary machine to gently remove any surface imperfections before finishing up with a hand wax or sealant.

Car Vinyl and Sticker Removal Service

Vinyl and stickers can often be difficult to remove, especially if they’ve been on your car for a while. We efficiently and carefully remove all types of vinyls and stickers, without damaging your paintwork in the process.

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What's included in an interior car detailing


  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Sanitising surfaces with our formulated solution
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Removal of crumbs, dirt, and other debris
  • Door panel and door jamb cleaning
  • Deodorising with our signature scent
  • Sanitised interior windows

Stain removal and protection

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Deep upholstery shampooing
  • Seats, carpet, and boot steam cleaned
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Plastic and console dressing
  • Carpet and mat cleaning

Read what our customers have to say about our work

My car smells amazing

"Sidepost really gave the inside my car the full works and it looks and smells amazing! They removed all the ink stains my kids made, as well as getting all the muck out of the upholstery. I'm so happy!"



Full-treatment is worth the price

"I wanted to really give my car a good clean so I tried out Sidepost's interior full-treatment package. The cleaning itself was comprehensive, and the seats felt rejuvenated and practically brand new. It's well worth the price if you're looking for a top-to-bottom clean."




Saved me a trip to the car wash

"Sidepost's mobile interior car cleaning service really put things into perspective for me. I didn't realise how much of a difference a professional could make until I tried it for myself. It literally looks like a new vehicle, at least on the inside."




Top-quality interior car cleaning

"I don't have time to travel to a local car wash or detailer, so I love that Sidepost comes to me. They're always on time and do a top-quality job. I don't think I'll ever go back to clean my car's interior myself since I can always rely on Sidepost."





"The inside of my car resembled more of a pigsty than anything else, but Sidepost came in and completely changed that. They thoroughly cleaned the doors, mats, seats, and every nook and cranny imaginable. Outstanding job - I'm a customer for life."




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